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Ryan Armstrong


Jonny Knowles

Head of Creative Media

Ryan Armstrong is the founder of LM Vintage Publishers and a USA Today Bestselling author. He is the contact person for authors, deciding on which authors with a complete manuscript should be read.  He runs the business and puts the business plan into motion. Ryan also consults with our various freelancers, project managing a novel from manuscript to publication. 


He has published two novels and two novellas.  His most recent novel, Love and Hate: In Nazi Germany was at one point an Amazon category best-seller and has been reviewed positively by Publishers Weekly.  The novel has been made into a screenplay and is being circulated. Ryan's USA Today acclaim comes in the form of his Sound of Resistance novella for The Darkest Hour anthology.


He found, through  experience, how to produce good novels, that are up to industry standards, and bring them to market to be read by thousands of people.


Ryan holds a B.A. in history and English from the University of Oklahoma.  He lives in  Fort Worth, Texas with his wife and two boys.



Jonny Knowles is an award-winning content creator and writer from the UK. He graduated from Salford University in 2012 with a first class BSc in Professional Broadcast Techniques. One year later, Salford awarded his film Paths to Destruction The Media Prize.

Since then, Jonny has worked on marketing content for the likes of Microsoft, Paycasso, Factory Lux, Surface Chemistry, Safic Alcan, and Piwop among many other huge companies.

 His films continue to feature at festivals. In 2016, he co-wrote and produced the short The Parliament House

which was selected for the London Sci-fi Film Festival. The following year he wrote and animated the micro-short Robin's Rocket which was selected for a number of festivals and appeared in The Short Film Show on Amazon Prime.  

He directs and produces novel trailers such as the trailer for Ryan Armstrong's Love and Hate, John Zakour's Fifi: The Fairy Princess and Jillian Jenkins' Fire Touched  Jonny  focuses his attention on delivering high quality book marketing for LM Vintage Publishers.



Stephanie Hoogstad edits all of our novels, conducting a content edit and a copy edit - making them the them the best they can be. 


She is an experienced freelance editor and writer. Meticulous and detail-oriented, she takes manuscripts and makes them the best books that they can be before publication. Her feedback is always honest but never mean-spirited, striking the perfect balance between candor and kindness in order to nurture the story's potential.


She has edited several indie novels, including a Reader's Favorite 5-Star Award winner and an Amazon category bestseller. In addition to being an editor, she has had one short story, "Postmortem", long-listed for the Crime Writer's Association's Margery Allingham Short Story Competition. She also founded and runs a blog dedicated to providing advice, support, and distractions to writers at all stages of their careers.


Stephanie graduated summa cum laude from the University of California, Davis, with a B.A. in English and is expected to get her MSc in Creative Writing from the University of Edinburgh's online program in August 2019. She currently resides in Cottonwood, California, with her two dogs and extended family.

Stephanie Hoogstad,

Head Editor



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