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We are a traditional publisher who covers production costs, never charging the author for a completed manuscript we accept, and we come with a team of professionals experienced in publishing. 


We offer unconditionally:

- The pride of being traditionally published

- 40% royalties 

- The production cost of a beautifully, polished digital and print book

- An initial, limited, but strategic marketing spend, marketing activity and advice

- An expert marketing plan for the author to implement to build a platform and further sales.

- Authors retain all subsidiary rights (including but not limited to: motion picture, print, audio, translation, etc. - we only take worldwide English language paperback and digital rights).

The standard contract is for a 5-year renewable term. It automatically renews every 5 years unless you have not made $1,000 in royalties during that time - at which point, you may, within 30 days of the renewable term, terminate the agreement and all financial interest in your novel reverts back to you.  

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