As a new publisher, we are more nimble and willing to take bigger risks on a book - publishing a novel, idea or book proposal that may not get picked up elsewhere. As long as the writing or idea is great and attractive to readers, we are interested.


We are a traditional publisher who covers production costs, never charging the author for a completed manuscript we accept, and we come with a team of professionals experienced in publishing. 


We offer unconditionally:

- The pride of being traditionally published

- A modest advance

- 50% royalties paid quarterly

- The production cost of a beautifully, polished digital and print book

- An initial, limited, but strategic marketing spend, marketing activity and advice

- An expert marketing plan for the author to implement to build a platform and further sales.

- Authors retain all subsidiary rights (including but not limited to: motion picture, print, audio, translation, etc. - we only take worldwide English language paperback and digital rights).

- Support and some amount of further marketing at our discretion with continual price adjustments and advice as needed to maximize sales.


We offer conditionally:

- Upon reaching $5,000 in sales in a given year, LM Vintage Publishers  will have your book distributed to bookstores via a distributor service that we have access to. The goal would be to pitch the novel in question to bookstores in an attempt (not a guarantee) of shelf placement.


LM Vintage Publishers cannot guarantee riches and fame, it is possible, but certainly not guaranteed. We do guarantee to produce quality novels, help authors succeed and support them.  


The standard term: is 50% royalty as you will retain all other rights, including subsidiary rights, to your novel including copyright.  The term is always a 5-year renewable term. It automatically renews every 5 years unless you have not made $1,000 in royalties during that time - at which point, you may, within 30 days of the renewable term, terminate the agreement and all financial interest in your novel reverts back to you.  

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